Displacement Project,
Berlin/Murcia  - 2010 by Piso Collective

Within the scope of what has been called the ‘’creative class’’, it has been developed an ongoing need for mobility, either by weak labour conditions that force someone to move in order to search for subsistence; or due to the desire of accessing ‘’ways of doing’’, different from the departure point.
Beyond judging this need as a positive or a negative influence, we developed a process of research on how the notion of Displacement affects processes of cultural production.
One of the main reasons why we took this concept lies in its breadth in its polysemic capacity and in the multiplicity of its narrative pathways, not necessarily linear. Thanks to this, we can analyze cause and effect, reference and referent from a creative reading attitude.
Displacement is a generative process, through which Piso Collective articulates a dynamic series of works that reflect on interrelated concepts with the idea of:
cultural production, space, place, nation, border, territory, travel, symbol,
history, context, de-contextualization, identity, network, self-organization,
strength/resistance, empathy, otherness, anachronism, mirror neurons, sequence,
dyslexia, shift, memory, eco ...

Related events: 

at Altes Finanzamt/ Berlin

Displacement is Not Movement / May 

One month intensive colaborative art residence with presentations in Berlin and in Bilbau, during the month of May.
Understanding displacement not as movement allows one to explore the notions of mental displacement, and the ways that affect the collaborative work of the group, understanding how to deal with that allows one to achieve multilayered results.

photo from the exhibition space at Matador Projekt Raum(in Altesfinanzamt)

Displacement Talks #1 /June

Rinus Van Alebeek 


Jonathan Saldanha 

Displacement Talks #2 / July

John Holten


Nina Bendzko 

at L.A.B. in Manifesta 08 /Murcia

Displacement Project/ December
PISO in Eventos Paralelos

Photo of the display devised for the several talks that took place during the presentation of Displacement project.


Related Publications:

edited by the Colectivo Piso and designed by Bolos Quentes

This book is the product of an invitation made to several authors, with whom we have shared personal and professional experiences throughout the time, to reflect upon notions of displacement or about collectivism as a systematical creative method. The outcome is a publication of diverse approaches within the compass of these ideas, comprising of original texts and artwork created for this project.

We wish to thank all the collaborators, friends and structures that supported this project and helped us with the development of this work, including Altes Finanzamt, Bolos Quentes, Eirik Sördal, Jonathan Saldanha, John Holten, Miguel Leal, Susana Caló, Susana Chiocca, Tobias Hering and also all the members of PISO (Catarina, Francisco, Mariana, Sara, Lorenzo e Pedro), for the effort put into the organisation and accomplishment of this book.

price 10 € (+ postage), please contact us via email to piso.seco@gmail.com

Also available in the following bookstores:


Motto - Skalitzerstr. 68 (Kreuzberg)
Kisch & Co. - Oranienstr. 25 (Kreuzberg)
Artificium - Rosenthalerstr. 40 (Mitte)
Do You Read Me ?! - Auguststr. 28 (Mitte)
Altes Finanzamt - Schönstedstr. 7 (Neukölln)

Inc - Rua da Boa Nova 168
Matéria Prima - Rua da Picaria 84

Viana do Castelo/
Objectos Misturados - Rua Mateus Barbosa 32


This fanzine is composed of works produced mostly during the Displacement Is Not Movement residence, that took place in Altes Finanzamt in May 2010. This publication is a summing up of the referentials and cognitive processes developed during that period.

price 3,5 € ( + porto )